The most Fun Way to learn the Ukulele
in the World…Ever!

Awesome Ukulele Courses



This is our live online 'basics' course that will get you playing right now.
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Our Six-Module Course.
From beginner to UKULELE HERO!
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Play Ground

The fun never ends.
Our membership where we make music together. 
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It's always the right time to learn to play!

On our fun ukulele courses, using our proven method, we have taught over 2000 people to play their first song.

We have taught kids and we have taught 80-year olds.

We have taught people  to play the ukulele who have been told they had no musical talent.

They can now all play songs on the ukulele and have had fun learning!
A proven, simple and fun process that will really get you learning the ukulele, no matter your age, or how much musical ability you think you have.

We concentrate on the five fundamentals that will get you playing quickly and sounding great -  tuning, strumming, learning chords, chord changes, and having fun practising.

“ I was a session musician, touring and recording throughout my 20’s and then I became a music
teacher at my kids school. I know how much fun playing an instrument can be. This is why
I’ve created The Awesome Ukulele Academy to help everyone achieve their dreams of being able to perform the songs they love…and, of course, to save the world!”
Matt Parkin



Cheryl Hutchinson recommends The Awesome Ukulele Academy
12 October 2021 · Shared with Public
I had so much fun. I was apprehensive about attempting to learn Ukulele as I had unsuccessfully tried guitar years ago. Matt made it so easy.
Matt's teaching methods are fun and make learning Ukulele so simple. It seems almost magical.
Matt's singing is a bonus.
I have a Family Day Care. Yesterday I played Sad Little Bunny for the children. They had their toy Ukuleles and played along as we sang. One 2 year old gave his mum a concert at pickup time.
Sally Howarth recommends The Awesome Ukulele Academy
10 March 2021 · Shared with Public
Great teacher, if anyone can teach me how to play the Uke they deserve a special mention as I was told as a child that I could not be taught guitar due to being left handed. Matt has totally knocked that theory out of the park by teaching me how to play as a right handed player. I never believed I would ever play an instrument but am now loving playing my Uke and champing at the bit for more lessons. Thankyou The Awesome Ukelele Academy for helping me achieve something on my bucket list
Zoe Grace Cozens recommends The Awesome Ukulele Academy
12 October 2021 · Shared with Public
Matt is very accessible as a teacher, fun, focused and so encouraging. He leaves no one behind! I am really looking forward to learning even more ukulele having got into the practice of daily playing and confidence that nothing ukulele is beyond my reach. Thank you, Matt.

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