Zero to Ukulele Hero!

Our signature course that takes you all the way from beginner to Ukulele hero.

The next VIP LIVE Accelerator intake will be on:

1st October

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Turbocharge your Ukulele playing!

Intensive 6-module course that takes you to the next level over 6 weeks.

More songs, more skills and more confidence.

 LIVE  play along sessions and Q&As with the VIP enrollment.

The MTV (musical technical video) library is filled with :
– Techniques and tips -
– Chord sheets that make sense -
– Play along videos (feel like you’re part of a band) -
– Practice sheets so you know what you need to do to progress-

.. and the best bit is the Awesome Ukulele Community!

All the love, support and accountability you can handle to encourage you to get playing your ukulele.

What you get

This is an intensive 6 module ukulele course that is drip fed to you in exactly the right order so that you steadily progress but don’t get overwhelmed. The learning platform has a huge resource of materials – chord sheets, chord change videos, play along tracks, and information about the songs. It has everything that you need to progress to a whole new level of ukulele playing. And if you decide to go for the VIP option which only happens 4 times a year you get 2 live sessions a week (Q&A’s, Mindset and Singing Masterclasses, Live Play-alongs) + access to the Awesome Facebook group where Matt, the coaches, and the community will keep you accountable and ensure your success.


... the ukulele RIGHT NOW! I’ve integrated my method of accelerated music instruction with everything I’ve learned in my years teaching ukulele and distilled them into essential steps.


A Song library with instruction videos, riff sheets, strumming patterns, play along or sing along video aids, and did I mention more songs?


The learning materials are accessed through an online learning portal, allowing for self-paced learning as well as having extra materials for those that want the extra challenge.


Practice sheets are designed to help with your transformation using our easy to follow practice philosophy of ‘little and often’. Always leave your uke lying around in an area of your life where you stop frequently.

VIP Members also get:


Two, and sometimes three, live sessions a week in which we concentrate on the course songs and have fun playing them together.


Full Replays of all Live Sessions to refer back to whenever you want.


Helpful feedback and encouragement from me, the coaches, and the community.


Mindset training goes hand in hand with our lessons. From initial overwhelm to practice motivation to overcoming frustration; we got you covered with our mindset masterclass by Teresa.

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Is it for you?

If you want:
- to improve fast
- to have fun 
- learn more songs
- build your confidence
... it's for you!
If you are still unsure then why not send us a message or get in touch. We are very proud of the accelerator course and like talking about it!

Another level

Loads more songs
Strumming and Chords
Understanding the process
Increased confidence
How to learm even more songs
Even more fun!

What will it be like?

The accelerator runs on our easy-to-use and well-structured learning platform.  There is a module for each week that contains all the resources you need - play along tracks, chord sheets, chord change videos and much much more. Then, of course, there are the VIP  'lives' where Matt will guide you through the material and solve any of your problems. They are a laugh! All the material is available to you so that you can go back and check things afterwards. And always, the icing on the cake is our supportive Facebook group where you can get support from other students, both past and present.

Screenshots of the learning platform:

We have a lot of fun!

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Lynn Abbott recommends The Awesome Ukulele Academy
18 May 2021 · Shared with Public
I think the most important part of learning something new is the teacher then the way you are taught Matt is an excellent tutor he's patient and is happy to answer the same questions asked 10 times over and I would highly recommend this ukulele accelerator course for quick and slow learners (like myself)
Really enjoyed this and looking forward to the next one
Cheryl Hutchinson recommends The Awesome Ukulele Academy
12 October 2021 · Shared with Public
I had so much fun. I was apprehensive about attempting to learn Ukulele as I had unsuccessfully tried guitar years ago. Matt made it so easy.
Matt's teaching methods are fun and make learning Ukulele so simple. It seems almost magical.
Matt's singing is a bonus.
I have a Family Day Care. Yesterday I played Sad Little Bunny for the children. They had their toy Ukuleles and played along as we sang. One 2 year old gave his mum a concert at pickup time.
Nick Medforth recommends The Awesome Ukulele Academy
22 September 2021 · Shared with Public
I have had previous unsuccessful attempts at learning to play an instrument. The accelerator is fast paced and there is a lot to learn, but if you don't have as much time as others you can always go back, recap and consolidate your learning. The most important lesson Matt gives you ... you CAN do it. I have since joined my local Ukulele club and I am loving it. Thanks Matt for making learning fun and making us aware that whatever our age and experience we can still achieve and progress.

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