Refund / Cancellation Policies and Procedures

Last updated: 1 June 2021

If you have questions about our Refund and Cancellation Policies & Procedures, please email

The Awesome Ukulele Workshop

You may request a refund for the LIVE Ukulele Workshop for Beginners and the VIP version up to the 9am GMT/BST on Tuesday following the first day of LIVE training. You can request a refund by emailing us at

The Awesome Accelerator Programme

We have a 14 day Money Back Guarantee for any reason. Students must email us within the 14 day window from the day the enrolment/registration closes at If you are unsure about the cut-off for the 14 day window, please email us.

The Accelerator Programme is NOT a membership nor a subscription and therefore cannot be cancelled. If you have not requested a refund within the 14 days, you do not qualify for a refund and will be under obligation to fulfil payment for your programme.

Refusal to pay for your programme installment fee after the guarantee period has passed, with no explanation as to your circumstances, will result in your Accelerator programme access being removed. We will also remove your access to the Private Facebook group. We have the right to file a small claims case against you.

The Awesome Ukulele Play-Gound (‘The Play-Ground’)

The PLAY-GROUND is a membership and therefore, members can cancel their subscription for any reason within their account.

Currently with THE PLAY-GROUND there is no refund policy for monthly payments. A student can cancel THE PLAY-GROUND at any point and they will have access until the end of the month that they have most recently paid for. Meaning, if your membership renews on the 1st of February 2022 and you cancel on the 5th of February 2022 or you cancel on the 16th of February 2022, you have access until the end of February.

When you cancel your membership, you will be removed from the THE PLAY-GROUND Facebook group and also from any course material associated with THE PLAY-GROUND and will no longer be able to access the LIVES.