What Ukulele should I buy?

This is a question that everybody in the world should be asking themselves – even if they already own several. I have quite a few ukuleles and even more guitars. Once you start playing the uke and realise how much fun it is you’re on the slippery slope to full-blown UAS (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome), which is terminal, and can only be held at bay by regularly buying ukuleles.

But where should you start? Get something cheap that works. There is no point in spending money until you know you like it – then go for it!!

What kind of ukulele?

There are a number of different ukulele sizes, but your first uke will probably be a soprano or a concert because they are the most readily available, however a tenor will be fine as well. These three are all tuned the same and most of the learning material on the internet is aimed at them.  Don’t get a baritone or a U-bass because they are tuned and played differently.

Physical shop or on-line?

If you have a local music shop, go and see them and get whichever one they recommend.
This will usually be the cheapest one that they stock because they wont hold anything that doesn’t do the job. But beware - you will be tempted to spend more, and that’s ok! If you buy a uke from a shop it will be slightly more expensive than on-line but they will set it up for you and it’s a nicer shopping experience.

If you don’t have a music shop near you get online and go for one of the ukes that I recommend. I’ve tried them all and know that they work. When your new uke arrives, follow my string stretching video to get it ready to play. You can comfortably buy any of the cheaper or moderately priced ukuleles on-line without trying them.

When you decide that you want to get something a little better than a beginners/intermediate uke I would always recommend going to an in-person shop. It’s just always nice to pick an instrument up and see how it feels, especially if you’re spending $200+. In the upper price bracket, everything works and is well made, which means it all comes down to personal preference – how it sounds and feels. These are things you can only judge when an instrument is in your hands.



Sally Howarth recommends The Awesome Ukulele Academy
10 March 2021 · Shared with Public
Great teacher, if anyone can teach me how to play the Uke they deserve a special mention as I was told as a child that I could not be taught guitar due to being left handed. Matt has totally knocked that theory out of the park by teaching me how to play as a right handed player. I never believed I would ever play an instrument but am now loving playing my Uke and champing at the bit for more lessons. Thankyou The Awesome Ukelele Academy for helping me achieve something on my bucket list
Zoe Grace Cozens recommends The Awesome Ukulele Academy
12 October 2021 · Shared with Public
Matt is very accessible as a teacher, fun, focused and so encouraging. He leaves no one behind! I am really looking forward to learning even more ukulele having got into the practice of daily playing and confidence that nothing ukulele is beyond my reach. Thank you, Matt.
Eva Shaw recommends The Awesome Ukulele Academy
21 July 2021 · Shared with Public
Thank you so much, I've learnt so much during this course and I think that this is the first class in my life I've really enjoyed and felt no pressure from, so I have been able to really engage well, and the community support has been amazing and lovely, I've felt so supported, able to ask questions, and have gone from knowing very little about ukulele (despite trying to teach myself with a book previously and getting nowhere) to feeling like I've got this and able to play quite a few songs and seeing myself progress and knowing how to learn!

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