3 little birds

The next 3 Little Birds Workshop is on the 26th of September


Our 3-day Kickstart Workshop will get you playing a song on the ukulele, regardless of whether you have played an instrument before, or have any previous musical experience.


It is designed to help you get crystal clear on the ukulele basics:
Learning 4 Chords
Changing Chords
Have FUN Practicing!



Assuming that you have no prior knowledge, we start at the very beginning and take you through:

Unboxing a brand new ukulele,
String stretching and a
Beginners tuning surgery.




We will run through basic techniques of playing and the 4 essential chords that will enable you to play ‘at least one song on your ukulele.

You’ll be having such a good time, you won’t even realise how much you’re learning!

Get Playing

the ukulele RIGHT NOW! I’ve integrated my method of accelerated music instruction with everything I’ve learned in my years teaching ukulele and distilled them into essential steps.

Members Only

A Members Only Facebook Group, where I’ll be going live regularly to help you work through the key elements and where you’ll have access to the Awesome Adults Ukulele Workshop community.


Full Replays of all Live Sessions plus access to our MTV (Music Technique Video) Library where we keep short videos of all the techniques, chords and songs for you to refer back to forever.

VIP Upgrade

Exclusive VIP Group Mastermind lessons with an opportunity for a ‘hot seat’ and focused level of support from Matt each day after the standard lesson on a group Zoom call.

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